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In consideration of the strong community of strong hands, SHND and SHMN. We have created a space for members to make transactions in StongHands. StrongHandsClub. It is with great excitement that our community can now participate in expanding our use case through an active classified space exclusively for the use of StrongHands. Building a Stronger community of trust through StrongHands commerce.

We have many categories for merchandise and services. Please join and share with the community any items that you might have to sell or let go of, skills and solutions that hold value. Place request as well for items and task that you would be happy to pay in SHND and SHMN to receive.

Ultimately have fun and live well. We are a community spanning around the world. Great new horizons are just around the corner. Participate and make Strong Hands Club your go to for trade.

StrongHands is a community coin. A strong community is built of a culture of trust. Trust in each other is developed through knowledge of one another. Service and trade are a couple of the primary pillars of society.

StrongHandsClub has been set up as living social exchange for goods and services. To be a strong community we must have trust. This is earned through knowledge of each other. Families, friends, extended families, friends of friends. Communities help to hold each other in check and maintain integrity.

StrongHands is more than a community of coin holders. We represent a people who have trust in the integrity of each other and the project. Still, this takes time and effort to begin to be known in the heart of those who have become involved.

It is up to each of us to stand strong, to be accountable for the ethical use of this forum, to be honest in our dealings. This, in this early season for the adaption of cryptocurrencies, this is fundamental for the vitality of any coin and its continued success.

We are here because we do not want a centralized authority brokering our every dealing. Pinching funds off the top of every possible transaction. Yet, in this world, there is often a loser. Currently in today’s credit-based system, that loser, when there is one, it is the seller. In crypto, it may be the seller, it may be the buyer. There is nobody who can reverse funds. There is nobody to promise that you will get what your received, there is no overseer to take the blame when you didn't exactly get what you thought you ordered.

No, the world we our waiting for requires a new form of braveness, or perhaps an integrity and trust that only those in the ancient world before credit and pay by check technologies may have experienced in direct commerce, that of person to person direct relationships. Community. When credit was a name on a piece of paper on a letter box in the front shelve by the register of Hilltop Grocery, the in-between the lakes local store that my family owned and lived under in the basement as a child. I am not saying we need to move backwards in our conciencious dealings. I am saying that, just because we can make anonoumous transactions, doesn't mean we have to be absolute strangers in the relationship that we form in our buisness together.

We are on the ground running toward future advancements as they are arriving with the quickness.

Learn about your neighbor who you are dealing with while you make a transaction. Place on this classified only what you are willing to lose in parting with it. Those things that would be in a penny yard sale. Learn about each other and gain faith in our community. Place anything used that you can on here. Send it once you have a contract and payment has been initiated. Share services that you can offer at a fair value.

If you have something that you need, ask for it. Perhaps someone with a passion in StrongHands can provide that to you. A coin becomes adopted through its use. We have StrongHands. Lets use them. If there is anything that you can do, share it with others. Support each other and encourage engagement toward our ultimate possible, most probable potential.

Have fun, play well together, great things are happening, you are a founding member and a pioneer of StrongHandsClub.


StrongHands Club Dues (Give a StrongHand when you Can)


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In StrongHands we Trust.

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